You.May.Die.In.The.Desert is a three-piece instrumental band from Seattle, WA. The trio are a tight knit machine that create chaotic, cinematic, and progressive music.

Since coming together in 2005, you.may.die.in.the.desert has gone on various tours throughout the U.S. and Japan. In the past, we have been apart of Mic-in-a-Room Records, The Mylene Sheath, Zankyo (JPN), and Differential Records. Brandon Salter plays bass and works with programming. Michael Clark plays drums, piano and other percussion instruments. Brian Woods plays guitar and loops. We have a great following and have been known to pack shows whenever we get invited to play. We have built quite a fan base and have created strong relationships with many other local bands.

“They were a band who were always around, popping up on bills left and right, wowing crowds with ridiculously tight sets and reliably great music…something like the prettiness of Explosions in the Sky delivered with the urgency and bite of These Arms Are Snakes. The few recent audio/video snippets they’ve teased online lately also show a band who aren’t done yet, which means there’s still time for the listening public to catch on.” -The Stranger

“You.may.die.in.the.desert have been further developing and crafting their unique live experience for an audience who some might say, possibly just want a bit too much – but every time, YouMayDie (for short) succeed with their jaw-droppingly intense live show. In April 2018, YouMayDie released a 7” vinyl titled Patient Glaciers, which has completely portrayed their inevitable progression and ability to further impress, release after release, show after show.” -The Playground

“The draw is this: Their route is extremely creative, and they hinge their progressions on such delicate interplay (rhythmic, tonal) that it’s impressive to watch/listen to; they’re also extremely good at tugging at your mood.” -Seattle Weekly

“Their music lends an air of spontaneity despite the clear hardworking craft behind the compositions. Like the aquatic, flowing, borderless motifs of the project, the music itself embodies a freedom of transcendence and discovery.” -Deli Magazine

“As one might imagine, their songs can span from as short as three minutes to upwards of ten. There is always a dramatic story for the listener to develop in their instrumental verses, but the aesthetic You.May.Die most embodies is triumph.”-SSG Music

“Listening to the EP, it seems hard to believe that You.May.Die.In.The.Desert are only a three-piece, such is the chaotic nature of their music…” The Silent Ballet

“The music forces you to follow along, it won’t fade in the background — which is not in the least a bad thing…”  Absolute Punk

“Their live show is non-stop energy and it feels like there is a lot more hardcore or punk influence peppered with post-rock sensibility. Call them whatever you want, they are a ton of fun to watch and their most recent release “International Waters” is a banger for sure.” – New Noise Entertainment