Hi Folks,

Just wanted to update everyone on what we have been doing as of late.  Currently  we are working hard on our new material for this brand new album we are writing. We have been writing some of our best work to date. The new songs are  powerful, emotional and full of energy. We have been planning new tours, new merch and really focusing on getting back out there and playing a ton of shows. There are a few companies we are proud to  endorsed by: Walrus Audio, and Rattlesnake Cables. Please go check them out!

We will be updating this site more often and really focusing on keeping all of you posted ! Please email us for future shows : YMDITD@Gmail.com


11/27/16 : @Highline (seattle,wa) w/ Nestoria and Shiftercar

12/15/16: @LOFI (seattle,wa) w/ Coastlands and guests.

As always, Thank you all for your support. It sincerely means the world to us.



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