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International Waters Available Today!

Today is the official release date for our new album, International Waters. You can find it at most DSP’s and if its not there today, it will be soon! Be sure to head over to our band camp page to stream the whole album and download it, or buy the physical copy.

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the album! If its not there yet, it will be soon.

Hope to see all of you Seattle this weekend for our album release show at the Rat & Raven.



Pre-Order Update

Howdy folks. You may now officially pre-order our new album. We are currently offering CD and digital versions of International Waters. If you would prefer a digital copy of the album, you can head over to our bandcamp page.

International Waters CD

International Waters CD

Listen to the first single, Signals to Safety:


International Waters

The time is finally growing near where we get to unleash International Waters to the world. This album has been a long time coming for us, and honestly we could not be more excited about it! This will be our first official release since 2008, although many of you may have heard the International Waters EP, but that was only intended to be a tour EP of tracks that we had demoed.

International Waters is an album that has tremendous meaning to all of us in the band. The album in many ways reflects our own experiences and relationships that have happened over the course of the last 5 years. We do hope however, that individuals can listen to the album and conjure up their own thoughts, feelings, and memories; this is after all one of the biggest reasons that we continue to write and record instrumental songs.

In support of the new record we will be doing a West Coast tour starting the week of August 20th. We will begin taking pre-orders on August 18th and the album will be officially released on September 4th, although we will have copies of the album for tour.
We hope to tour as much as we can off this album and we are going to try our hardest to go to places that we have not yet been able to play.

As always, we are so thankful for all of your support.

Keep checking back for more updates.


Brandon, Brian, Mike

Merch Sale!

3 Horses Tee Shirt sale!!! Help us fund some new merch by cleaning out our old inventory. We dropped the price of the shirts. Pick one or two up while supplies last. Stock is very limited, especially on the gray version. Get one for your friend, mom, or cousin-in-law!